Tuesday, July 23, 2024 Corporate Aim
AGCO Auto Quick Tip:

Did you know AGCO Automotive founder Louis Altazan studied for several years with Dr. W. Edwards Deming. The AGCO management philosophy is based on Dr. Deming's 14-points and his theory of continual improvement.

The AGCO Corporate Aim

Over the years I have seen a great many corporate mission statements. Most are very flowery, some idealistic, but I have seen few that represent the way the company is actually run. At AGCO we feel the aim of the company is what it is; The reason the company exist and what the staff is working to accomplish. We also feel it needs to be to the point.

The aim of agco automotive corporation

I know no way to state our purpose more clearly.  Continuing, because we hope to expand and be in business for the long run, here when you need us.  Ethical, because we believe without ethics nothing else really matters.  Profit, because that is the purpose of business. 

Without profit there is no business, without ethics there is nothing

We also know to accomplish this aim, we must satisfy our clients.  We must come up with ever changing ways to exceed their expectations.  In other words, we must earn their business with every job we do.  Continuing, Ethical, Profit, we think it's a good way.  We also think you will agree.