Monday, May 20, 2024 AGCO Vacation
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AGCO Vacation Days

AGCO closes three weeks a year for staff members to take vacationAll AGCO employees have three-weeks paid vacation and we all take vacation as a team, at the same time.  This involves closing the shop for three weeks a year and we find this very effective.

  • The first week is in Summer, and varies from early June until early August, and is selected by common agreement of our staff. We always post these dates on our interactive website calendar?For 2024 these dates will be Monday July 29 through Friday August 2.

  • The second week is in November.?For 2024 these dates will be, Monday November 25 through Friday November 29, returning Monday December 2.
  • The final week is always the week between Christmas and New Years. For 2024 the dates will be Wednesday December 25 through Friday December 3, returning Monday January 6, 2025.

For a more complete listing of our hours, holidays and special events, one year into the future, please use our AGCO Auto calendar.