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Best auto info around
by Vids29 - February 26, 2015
I have been listening to this show in South Australia for years. I can't imagine a better researched program than this one in the car repair business. I know the hosts business and it is second to none anywhere in the world.

Best Mecanical Advice
by Adelaide Boy - June 28, 2012
All the way from Adelaide, Australia I love this podcast I work in the Automotive industry and I learn so much every week. I can't get enough. Is that enough to get a T-Shirt OS. Seriously this show is great. Wish we had something like this in Australia.


Great podcast
by stevefromalberta - July 28, 2018
I love listening to Louis and Brian. As a long time car guy it is true that the cheapest way in is the most expensive way out of repairs. Keep up the great show.

by Danf20 - May 12, 2018
This is a great show very helpful can you please tell me why the Lotta manufactures have gone to no transmission filter or at so far in the transmission have to take it out the completely serviced it. And do you know one good aftermarket in-line filter that I can use to help save my transmission so I can get more life out of it thanks Dan

by Smileyonejoe - May 17, 2017
One of the best auto repair shows I've listen to, detailed repair descriptions and lots more.

Great info and honest opinions
by Vinmangt - June 09, 2015
Great tips and info.

Great Unbiased Podcast
by Marcozplace - October 25, 2014
i listen in from Canada. one thing i can appreciate about this podcast is their unbiased opinions. Has made me think twice about the parts i buy for my car. These guys do a great job, keep it up! BTW being from Canada it took me awhile to get used to their accent, i love it!

The most helpful car repair show ever
by Jgr228 - October 04, 2014
I've been listening for the past year and love every episode. I live outside of Toronto and was having a problem getting a competent car repair garage. With the knowledge I gained from Louis and Brian I found the right place. Thank you fellows for sharing your years of knowledge. I want to make a trip to Baton Rouge one day to personally thank you. John - Toronto

by Sukey johal - February 19, 2014
Fantastic show These guys deserve to have national show I'm listening in victoria bc canada

Great show
by ItsNano - July 02, 2013
I listen every week from Calgary, Alberta, Canada. I enjoy the discussion of hot weather car issues when we deal with -30 degrees here! What about a much larger archive of old shows. I'd pay for shows from way back. Steve.

Great show from your friend in Quebec Canada
by Highguage - June 27, 2013
Love the podcast guys!!!! Keep up the great work!!!

Excellent Podcast
by Sam Woz - May 25, 2013
I listen to your podcast all the time. I find Louis to be very knowledgable and interesting to listen to. You are very helpful Louis and I wish we had you in Winnipeg. I would be your steady customer. Keep up the great show,Louis,and I'll keep listening. Thanks. Dave

Best car show on the web
by Fender 1951 - February 17, 2013
Louis obviously love cars. If you do. You should listen. I'm also from BC. Otherwise I'd giive him my business.

Honest & Entertaining!
by Don in Aurora - November 05, 2012
Unfortunately I don't live close enough to visit AGCO Auto, but I very much value the honest opinion and advice that Louis provides weekly. He calls it like he sees it in a unique down home style.

Great show
by kcaspo - October 23, 2012
Great show! To the point.. Listening in New Westminster B.C. Canada

Credit where it is due!
by Jim The Transmission Guy - October 15, 2011
Great show guys ! Complete, to the point, factual information of automotive service and repair!


Best automotive podcast
by Ukulele1985 - October 03, 2019
I listened to different automotive podcast but louis and brian is the best out of all of them. They also talk about everything, not only about automotive but life in general. I hope they never stop doing this.

Great show but........
by Henry's Son - September 30, 2019
Brian, PLEASE stop talking over Lou! It’s very irritating! Otherwise, it’s a great show.

Good down to earth talk
by badugas - September 22, 2019
I like that they can explain things in a way that makes sense and they keep it interesting. They definitely keep current with knowledge and can explain the difference between the old systems and compare to the way things are done now. They are happy to suggest tasks you can probably take on yourself or the complexity involved with some of the other more difficult tasks.

Best Auto Show
by MicahEP - September 05, 2019
Best Automotive show out there. If you want your vehicle FIXED give them a call. Top notch service and people.

Automotive Hour AGCO
by Enbeetu - August 24, 2019
If there were more stars ,I would give them. Best automotive podcast, bar none. Everyday topics, everyman explanations. Ive saved so much money listening to this podcast , I feel guilty not sending a check. Just listen once and youll be hooked.

Great show
by Chickenfried - August 18, 2019
This is a great show. They give good advice, and are very entertaining. I only wish the show was longer.

Best automotive show I have ever found
by myoung2746 - August 05, 2019

Entertaining and informative
by Sir. Poopsalot - July 23, 2019
If your looking for a good automotive podcast to listen too I recommend this one. I wrench as my primary hobby and I’v got a lot of good useful real world knowledge from these guys.

by jcooibtry - July 13, 2019
By far, the best auto repair podcast ever! Great advice for the DIYer and/or someone who just wants to find a good shop!

Best by far
by Landtodd - June 02, 2019
This is the best automotive podcast I've ever found. Even if you don't care much about cars, Louis and Brian lay down excellent info/advice that will save you money and agrevation. Man, so much excellent info

Most Educational
by AZflagstaff - May 19, 2019
Of all automotive repair and maintenance podcasts, this is by far the best in-depth learning experience of my week...and therefore the most entertaining. Love the “topic” or “theme” selections each week.

Great information
by TimWro - May 02, 2019
Always learning something new on the podcast. Thanks!

Best automotive show
by fast eddie in rock city - April 12, 2019
I listen to several automotive talk shows and this one is the best. Louis is the most informative and simply down the earth automotive shows you will find.

one of my top 5 podcasts
by buffpenny - April 12, 2019
Have been a long time listener. You can"t come away without learning something new after each podcast. has made an a true believer in proper maintiance.

I learn something every week
by brainflavored - January 08, 2019
Great show, great hosts. Restore your faith in people in general and car shops in particular

great show
by SophieE7383 - October 11, 2018
awesome show, no nonsense topics and always on point

by rclayson - October 07, 2018
Great show, I listen every week, for many years. I understand my vehicles better and save a ton of money keeping them road worthy.

Super helpful!
by poprocki - September 25, 2018
This show is great! Thanks guys!

Been listening for years!
by Youmar27 - September 08, 2018
Still the best automotive podcast I've heard, after years of listening.

Walking the Walk.....
by Tom Meyer - August 18, 2018
I have all my Family vehicles maintained & repaired at AGCO & Louis’ staff perform precisely as he tells us every week. I don’t own a vehicle under 7 years old & high quality preventative maintenance keeps them all running as if brand new.

Great Advice
by Jimmy Vulmer - July 26, 2018
Started listening about a month ago. These guys have great advice and they aren't biased toward any particular brand of vehicle. From a Northerner listening to Southerners, I was hoping it wouldn't be the, "BUY AMERICAN" type of show, and I was happy to find out that it's very even-keeling all the way through. Keep it up.

Best automotive show
by fast eddie in rock city - July 21, 2018
I listen to several automotive talk shows and this one is the best.

One of my favorite podcasts
by Ghhdbidhsush - June 22, 2018
I love the guys from Bayou country. The host and go host both speak from years of experience. Many of their answers to callers questions are right on the money. They expound on many of the topics with great accuracy and not a lot of fluff. They have so much information that is useful to know. I always look forward to their podcasts and wish they were on my local radio station. It is a fast paced show and I love the commercials. So let the guys from the bayou give you some helpful hints to keep your car running great. One thing I wish they had was a call-in line after hours which I could leave a message and they could answer it later on the air.

They know everything
by morepowa - May 29, 2018
It’s incredible how much these two know. I listen to a lot of auto repair podcasts and radio shows. These guys are spot on and Louis usually is able to diagnose the issue prior to the caller even finishing the symptoms. Learn a lot from them and they give informative topics at the beginning on maintenance , parts , even buying cars.

Great show
by Graves Automotive - May 22, 2018
A lot of on point information. The guys are very relatable and easy to understand.

Best by far
by Landtodd - April 22, 2018
This is the best automotive podcast I've ever found. Even if you don't care much about cars, Louis and Brian lay down some excellent info/advice that will save you money and aggregation.

Such an great show!
by jmsrobertson - April 10, 2018
I knew little to nothing about cars when I discovered this show, but figured I would try it out. Wow! Louis and Brian have such an extensive knowledge of vehicles, and such a refreshing perspective on car ownership, that I couldn’t stop listening! This show is like sitting on the back porch with two of your good friends and talking with them about your cars. You can learn as much as you would like to about cars, how they work, how they break, and how to fix them. 5 stars, can’t recommend highly enough!

Best car show podcast
by Tchxc - March 05, 2018
These guys are awesome. Their advice is always spot on. Keep up the great work and thanks for sharing your years of knowledge.

Best by far
by Landtodd - March 03, 2018
This is the best podcast. Even if you don't care about cars, Lewis and Brian lay down some excellent info/advice that will save you money and aggregation.

Straight Shooting
by Cujo77 - February 18, 2018
The boys lay it on the line about auto repair. No agenda tainted by sponsorship dollars. Extremely good at taking a complicated problem and explaining it in layman’s terms. As you listen you will realize they have a deep understanding of how automotive systems actually work.

Great podcast
by s10cody - January 26, 2018
I have learned a lot from listening

great show
by GZPOD - January 21, 2018
I have learned so much about cars and car repair . I am an avid podcast listener . also I learned the best ways to look for a good repair shop; which I have found and trust. thanks for the great show

Great show
by B pete - January 08, 2018
Enjoy every show

Deming Disciple
by ToyotaQuality#1 - December 22, 2017
I have learned so much from Louis and Brian. These guys really know their stuff and best of all it’s totally unbiased. Louis studied Quality Management under W. Edwards Deming and it shows. If you don’t know who Deming is, I suggest you Google him and educate yourself on a very interesting and influential man.

Great show with awesome advise!
by SiteucD - December 18, 2017
Louis and Brian are fantastic. They know so much about car repair and I’m so happy they are willing to share their knowledge!

Louis and Brian are the best!
by Carmenpet - December 08, 2017
This is the by far the best show of its kind. Honest, thoughtful automotive information that’s useful for backyard mechanics like me. I learn something from each podcast.

GREAT automotive podcast
by Regular Joe from GA - November 27, 2017
The best auto maintenance, repair and general knowledge podcast out there. If you are interested in cars, their repair and maintenance, download every episode you can. These shows are the Encyclopedia Britannica of car knowledge

Automotive excellence
by Rockhound79 - October 22, 2017
The Automotive Hour is a very worthwhile program. Louis A. is very intelligent and offers the right kind of detailed knowledge, industry experience, and common sense to let you walk away smarter every episode. Louis, Brian, & Co. demystify a wealth of automotive urban legends and give you the real scoop.

Best automotive podcast!
by CarlosBoiii - August 29, 2017
This is one of the best podcasts to listen to if you're a shop owner, mechanic, car owner or a complete enthusiast! The depths that they go into to really make interesting problems understandable to the average person is great! Love the show!!

Best Auto Q&A program in the US
by T Nett - August 12, 2017
The Automotive Hour is honest unabridged auto talk good for anyone who drives or works on their ride. There is no BS found here just mechanics observations and opinions based on their years of experience repairing cars and trucks. The info they give on this program is actually worth a lot of money and have saved me a lot. I listen even if I don't have a problem because they share a wealth of automotive knowledge. They know car repair and it's always time well spent.

The best automotive podcast!
by Fairway walker - July 28, 2017
I listen to these guys every week and they are very helpful. Straight forward answers without the constant commercials. These guys know their stuff!

Louis and Brian are awesome!
by Z4of7 - July 16, 2017
Love the show. Louis and Brian have a wealth of knowledge that have taught me the lesson of proper diagnosis before buying parts. This has proven to save me a lot of money. Love the commercials too, they make me laugh every time and I now get my car an annual inspection at a good, independent shop. I trust their opinions and love that their message is not swayed by sponsorship of aftermarket parts. Best automotive repair podcast I have found.

The Automotive Hour is the BEST.period
by Mike SOFLO - June 04, 2017
I can't express how much I have learned from Louis and Brian. Not only do they know as much or more than ANYONE i have ever spoken to about automotive. As well, unlike their competition, they dont push ANY products.. which makes their opinions that much more trustworthy. I have called a couple times and they take your call with no pre- screening- i,e, the info is in their head, no need to research etc.etc.. SIMPLY THE BEST

Best of the best
by Gimbai - April 27, 2017
I am a new listener as of a few month back. Love love love it. I have listen to all episode dated back to three years here at work. Finally listened to the latest episode today two days after my birthday. Now the sad part is, I will have to wait for the weekly podcast and only listen to one at the time compare to how many ever I felt like. It is the best insight questions, answers, know how, how to's, free and unbiased informations anywhere. I have learned and come to understand so much more than I ever thought and I still want to know more. Best automotive repair podcast hands down.

Most informative
by Cbarr859 - April 25, 2017
Theses guys are the best I have learned so much valuable general automotive information if I didn't live in Vegas I would take all my cars to them

Solid information
by Sam Packard - March 22, 2017
Louis and Bryan's cover a variety of related to car repair and maintenance in a practical and solid manner to the DYI'er or the average person. They emphasize doing things correctly the first time (price vs. cost), and give alot of heads ups about car repair and maintenance that might not occur to a person. Super valuable and great to hear the southern talk.

I practice what they preach
by Uncle Yooper in da U.P. - December 21, 2016
I've been listening to this podcast for several years now and I have been following their advice to be proactive on maintaining my vehicles. They are all over 120,000 miles with my Prius running strong at 376,000 as of today. I listen to many automotive podcasts and this one is my favorite. I'm even used to the Louisiana accent although my friends and family I tell to listen to this show struggle a little. Thanks for the great show and I'll keep listening. Thank you for the great website and info, too!!!!!

The Best Auto info around
by riversmythe - December 05, 2016
Love the automotive hour! I listen every chance I get. I want to operate my vehicles for the overall lowest cost and this show helps me do that. I can call in Saturdays at 10am Central time or send them an email from their website agcoauto.com Most of the time I listen just to get new ideas about how to take better car of my cars and friends cars. They are unbiased, not selling a thing and really trying to help you. Thanks Louis for a great resource! I wished I was still in Baton Rouge so you could work on my cars. Blessings, Big Dave

Still an Awesome podcast.
by j.few - November 20, 2016
I've listened to these guys for years and they seldom dissapoint. Louis and Brian give informative, truthful information on car repairs and maintenance. Their positive attitudes only make the podcast more enjoyable.

Great podcast
by Snikle94 - October 08, 2016
One of the best automotive shows I've listened too. Louis and Brian are great at explaining the complicated subject of auto repair.

I learn a little from this show
by Ebuxton - September 21, 2016
I listen weekly, and find I learn a little from every show.

Automotive repair like it should be
by Better Runner Than You - June 04, 2016
I am a certified ASE/Toyota technician and absolutely love listening to Louis and Brian every week. It's very important to me as a tech that people understand what's going on with their vehicle, and that they aren't told they need services they DO NOT NEED. Many auto repair related podcasts rely on product pushing and sponsorship to keep going, these guys do not. The most important aspects of their show to me are the in depth talks about diagnosis and repair, and not misleading their listeners/customers. For example, talking consistently about how flushes on your vehicle are just "wallet flushes" for you; or how you shouldn't throw parts at your vehicle just because the check engine light code says a specific thing. These guys are knowledgeable, trustworthy, and caring. We need more techs in the world like them.

> 5 Star
by fjdiesi - May 11, 2016
I can't imagine giving anything less than a 5 Star rating. Listen to Louis and Brian and you just might learn something, even though you have a different automobile. Listening for years and had them rebuild my 05 GMC Canyon... Anything that turned got replaced, plus some...Engine, A/C, brakes, etc. my new truck at 318K Thank You AGCO

Entertaining and Informative
by Counter Point - April 23, 2016
These two guys make a shade tree mechanic of 40 years think twice about getting some diognostic help before tackling the latest automotive project. Really enjoy the tips and practical advice. Great job!

by howie-t - April 16, 2016
This podcast is packed with ideas and tips and potential solutions to fix any car or truck. I absolutely love it.

Louis and Brian are Wonderful!!
by Youmar27 - March 30, 2016
I learn so much from these guys. I've been an automotive repair enthusiast my whole life. Back when us backyard mechanics had only the Chilton or Haynes manuals, I would read them cover to cover. Now I never miss a podcast of Louis and Brian. As cars advance in technology, it sure is nice to have such expert advice available. Thanks guys!

by Trane12345 - March 21, 2016
Fantastic podcast!

Great show
by Tiny lokoshon - February 08, 2016
Louis always gives you great advice. My favorite quote " well, you can do what you want."

Mr.Louis is simply mans man. The John Wayne of automotive repair!!!!
by Nate fiaz - January 16, 2016
This is simply the best and informative podcast I've ever heard. Mr.L is unreal cool and intelligent.

The most cost effective auto advice out there
by Status Foe - January 15, 2016
An incredible resource for DIY'ers and the less experienced. There's a lot of advice out there that leads car owners to cut corners. These guys tell you how to do it right the first time.

very informative
by 1044mcb - January 10, 2016
I look forward to hearing their new podcast every week. It has changed my outlook on how important regular auto maintanance is. Also like that they are not shy about calling out certain vehicles or options to avoid.

by Frank H. Automotive Technician - December 14, 2015
I am an automotive technician, Louis has changed my perspective and caused me to change the way I fix vehicles, even change my place of employment I use to work at a dealership and Louis opened my eyes to what I didn't want to see I now work at a private shop and provide great service and repair not useless services that only serve my pocket. I love this show it is the best!! They are the most truthful and honest!! If I could move to New Orleans and apply for a job at AGCO I would do it immediately!!! AGCO IS THE BEST!!!!

Awesome Content
by FLMarine - December 06, 2015
Great podcast for anyone looking to improve their knowledge of everything auto related. From preventive maintenance, specific problems with certain makes/models, to how to calculate whether to spend money on repair or buy a newer vehicle. Their "layperson" delivery is great- it reminds me of being in a bar listening to my uncle explain over a beer how to properly replace brake fluid (but without all the profanity).

From old to new
by San Jose Scot - October 14, 2015
These guys are great. They have helped me and my kids get our beloved '40 Hudson back on the road. They have also helped me choose a shop to inspect my new car. Had not experience with automatic transmissions and they helped me understand the differences between a four speed, six, and eight. Thanks

Hands down the best for learning about cars
by msv2015 - October 12, 2015
Been listening a long time, it's invaluable for learning how to properly maintain your car and how best to maintain your car and how to properly address problems.

Great podcast!
by Fairway walker - September 30, 2015
If you like cars, you will love this podcast. The guys are very entertaining informative.

Keep it coming
by Jorgman - June 10, 2015
I love the show, the guys give a fun Cajun flair all while offering great advice and experience to people calling in from all over the world.

The Automotive Hour, Weekly Podcast of AGCO
by wolfeman8 - April 21, 2015
I just recently discovered this podcast and it is truely informative. Over and above all they inbody something that my father, who ran a buisness; Treat your customers right, charge a fair price for the work that needs to be done and more than anything else be someone you can trust. Trust and honesty is how you build your reputation and life your life with dignity. Along with all the great tips you get a dose of the golden rule. My 16 year old daughter has been listening to the podcast and she's learn about keeping a car maintained. I'm going to the website now to register for the news letter and search out the information. I only wish I lived close enough to utilize this shop. Having started with a 1957 Chevy, 65 Buick Special, 1974 Nova, XKE Jaguar, Toyota Tercel, Camary, Sonata, and Subaru I lived with carburators, TBI, SU triple carbs, electronic carburators and various fuel injection systems. This podcast keeps me up to date on the more modern requirements of modern cars. The best thing you can find is a shop that you can trust and charge a fair price. This show is the most convient for me to listen to anytime anywhere. I recommend this for everyone young or old.

The Automotive Hour, Weekly Podcast of AGCO
by wolfeman8 - April 02, 2015
I just recently discovered this podcast and it is truely informative. Over and above all they inbody something that my father, who ran a buisness; Treat your customers right, charge a fair price for the work that needs to be done and more than anything else be someone you can trust. Trust and honesty is how you build your reputation and life your life with dignity. Along with all the great tips you get a dose of the golden rule. My 16 year old daughter has been listening to the podcast and she's learn about keeping a car maintained. I'm going to the website now to register for the news letter and search out the information. I only wish I lived close enough to utilize this shop.

So glad I found this podcast!
by Allrhe - March 28, 2015
Great show! I'm glad these guys make their show available as a podcast. Great info and if you like car talk, you'll be entertained as well. Subscribe.

An Automotive Prophet
by John Ebel - January 27, 2015
The only way I can describe this program is insider information...about cars. The more I listen, the more I realize how I've been ripped off by unscrupulous mechanics. I also learn something valuable every single program. If there were a fee to listen to this, I would pay it...its that good.

Love this show.
by NPBOBRAP - January 25, 2015
I'm a auto technician in Alaska and found this podcast while searching for a car related show. Words can't express how happy I am with the great info that Louis and his lead tech Brian give their listeners.

by Little Ralphie - January 18, 2015
This show is very helpful through the podcast or the website. It is useful to the average car owner over a wide variety of subjects. I learn something every time. Very entertaining and educational

One of the best
by Brian in Ashland, Ohio - December 28, 2014
I listen to many auto podcasts and this one by far is my favorite. I feel it gives great advice to the average car owner about how to maintain their vehicles. Their diagnostic abilities are great and they explain things in a easy to understand way. Also their website is full of tons of good info so check it out too. I really appreciate their honest recommendations about what is really necessary and what is not. I wish I lived near their garage so I could be a customer!

Surprisingly interesting..
by flexo - December 17, 2014
These fellows seem to be very knowledgeable when it comes to cars and yet they can inject humor at a quick pace to keep the podcast going. It is interesting to listen to even if you don’t have a particular a problem or if you need to buy or sell a car.

Helpful show.
by Dwayne Baber - December 08, 2014
Everyone that owns A car has had it in the shop at least once. You were told what was wrong with your vehicle and given A bill not knowing any better. I took my 98 Volvo v70 to get my transmission serviced. I was charged for a transmission gasket,filter and Fluid. To the toon of $175.00 I thought this to be steep. I emailed Lewis, turns out I have a drain plug and my filter couldn't be serviced unless the unit was taken apart. I copied the info took it back to the shop and got all my money back and was told it was a mistake. I wish AGCO was in Waco Tx. Times have changed my friends! Thanks to Lewis and his team at AGCO auto. You can get information from the show, call or even email. Lewis cares enough to give information for free even if he doesn't work on your car. Who else does this? Lewis you are changing the industry my friend, you give me hope that there are mechanics that can still be trusted. Because of the money Lewis saved me I was able to help someone else. Thanks for all you do! Merry Christmas to you and your families.

These guys are HONEST!
by Admiral Vic - December 01, 2014
Please listen to their podcast because they are truthful and very good at auto repair! If you have a question with your car listen to them and check out the website!

A fan in SoCal
by 81grad - December 01, 2014
A great show hosted by two super knowledgeable guys. Amazing when just listening to a show can save you money. The Automotive Hour is a rare find in the world of podcasts and Agco Auto is an amazing shop. Sure wish they had a location in the other LA. How about it guys? Ready to bleed Dodger blue?

Customer and listener
by Lousy ana - October 06, 2014
Louis is an impressive guy who knows cars. Really entertaining show.

The Best
by Cbarr859 - September 28, 2014
These guys are the Best no nonsense great informative help I listen every week

by Member of The Un-Named Church - June 28, 2014
The best automotive show I have listened to, Louis and Brian know their stuff.

the automotive hour
by El Granke - June 21, 2014
love this show, im now addicted to it. great entertainment and most informative. if you love cars this is a must.

Wish I found you years ago
by full_stress - May 17, 2014
Number one listen for 2 to 3 years now. Felt robbed when I found out you've been broadcasting for many years longer. Great work guys.

Great podcast
by Randy Holbrook - April 16, 2014
I love "The Automotive Hour". I enjoy driving and tinkering with cars and am amazed at the knowledge the hosts have about such a wide array of problems. Really interesting and helpful.

Agco automotive
by Speedygoon - April 06, 2014
These guys know everything there is to know about automobiles and there price is right. The only draw back is they don't have a shuttle service that can get you to work while your car is in the shop. They should start one and there're business would triple.

Growing smarter one hour per week...
by Rockhound79 - March 23, 2014
The Automotive Hour is a very worthwhile program. Louis A. is very intelligent and offers the right kind of detailed knowledge, industry experience, and common sense to let you walk away smarter every episode. Tune in if you're a car guy or if you need to hear a thick southern accent once a week.

Thank You for sharing your auto knowledge!
by mothership connexion - February 08, 2014
My uncle introduced me to your radio program about 6 months ago, and I've been listening by podcast ever since then. Thank you for your honesty and clarity in explaining all levels of technical topics. NPR's CarTalk may have some good jokes, but you guys give much more auto information which I would rather hear. Keep up the great work!

Love everything about this podcast...
by NHDriver - January 23, 2014
Louis and Brian are great. They're super polite, friendly, and informative. If you haven't browsed their web site yet, it is definitely worth checking out too. I live in the northeast, a long way from their shop, but I have a feeling they run the type of shop that everyone would like to do business with as well as work for. Great job guys!

Brilliant !
by orlandoDaveo - January 19, 2014
Love the way they treat everyone with respect & open mindedness !

Best for automotive education
by msv2015 - January 13, 2014
Been listening a long time, it's invaluable for learning how to properly maintain your car and how best to go about repair.

Great Podcast!
by Corvettes Dan - January 13, 2014
I have turned a few wrenches in my time. I restored a early 1975 2002 BMW (Euro Crap! never again), and a 1980 Corvette which I put in car shows. But my daily drivers (Honda's) are much more technical to work on. I listen to your podcast faithfully every week in my 18 wheeler and enjoy the heck out of it. A friend of mine owns a local auto repair shop out here in San Bernadino Ca. I love to go there and quiz him on stuff I have learned from your show. Keep up the great work!

Very informative
by Nate79123 - January 09, 2014
Love the show. I learn a lot with every episode.

Automotive Hour
by Mike998834 - November 17, 2013
This has to be the best podcast anywhere. These guys are phenomenal. The only issue is the show is too short. I wish it was the automotive afternoon. Well done Louis and Brian. Thank You

A Must for Car Owners
by livermore99 - November 05, 2013
If you own a car or truck this podcast is a must listen. It is informative, honest, and delivered by real, "grease under the fingernails" auto mechanics.

Great Podcast
by Jmay25 - October 22, 2013
Great podcast! I enjoy listening to the show. Great tips and good info.

Smart and informational
by Amond_P - October 18, 2013
First of all this is a fast moving show so keep your ears open. This is a must listen for anyone who likes to work on their own cars. They will also let you know when its time to give up on the diy and take the car in.

Amazing information
by plugnickle - October 15, 2013
I love how everything is explained to where is makes sense. This is hands down the best podcast that I've ever listened to.

Great Show
by Wag3495 - September 28, 2013
Great information....Easy to understand and even my wife likes to listen!!!! I have taken my car to AGCO for repair and maintainance and and have always been pleased. They advertize that they don't work on cars, they fix them and that's true.

Ky farmer
by Crazy beasty dude - September 21, 2013
I love to listen to old episodes while in the fields. I can't listen live so they are all new to me. A wealth of knowledge and great down to earth sensibility on how to diagnose and fix your car or truck . A++++++++++

love the show
by btinyt1521 - September 12, 2013
I love listening on my mp3 player.

Half truths, whole lies and wives tales busted
by Bowtie64 - September 01, 2013
I truly enjoy this show! I like the humor, the light nature, and all of the knowledge they provide. I really appreciate the real life working experience and not having to duck constant sales pitches. The way each guest is treated like an old friend is also great! Finding someone who doesn't dance around you around every bush in sight is becoming rare all in itself. From the simplest of fluid checks to some of the most complicated diagnostics, do it yourselfers and the let somebody else do it'ers will save money and maybe even some sanity from what they learn here. If you're not a handy person and chose to let someone else do the repairs, you will at least be armed with knowledge and terminology that just might keep you from being a victim of needless parts and padded hourly rates. Maybe this review will brighten Louis and Brian's week. Maybe it's worth another t- shirt? **wink wink** in all seriousness great job y'all and thank you for being who you are and for the service you provide. It's priceless in my book. As long as your podcasting, I'll be listening and applying what I'm learning from y'all. If everyone else is done reading this, it's time to stop reading and start listening! Even if you don't know one end of a wrench from the other, you're gonna enjoy this show.

Know Their "Stuff".
by j.few - August 26, 2013
These guys know automotive repair - PERIOD! Aside from their vast knowledge and experience, they have a communication style that is both entertaining and informative. I wish they weren't more than 1000 miles away.

Great Show!!
by MichiganLogger - August 21, 2013
Great show, with sound advice from Louis and Brian. Easily one of the best auto repair podcasts on the web. Their recommendations on buying new vs fixing what you have are spot-on. Listening will not only increase your automotive knowledge, it will save you money. Be sure to check out the AGCO Automotive website too, it's loaded with useful info.

by Duke Sands - July 30, 2013
You guys are great ,i really enjoy your show,you have all the other shows beat hands down,you guys are very knowledgeable in every aspect of automobiles , it seems there nothing you guys don't know,keep up the great work, i have learned a lot from your show and will continue to listen to your show ,thank you Tony Sands

by wes2152 - July 29, 2013
Best auto show out there,just a little less talking about the web site would be nice. Thanks

Love the podcast
by Hello bear 66 - July 29, 2013
L n T do a great job week after week. I do not listen on ITunes. I listen on stitcher and came over to iTunes to write this review. If numbers are from iTunes they might not be complete stats. Terry mentioned not getting any reviews last week. There might be a lot of people listening through other than iTunes. Only suggestion is the guy doing commercials. Please!!! He might be unique in some circles but in others he is WAY annoying. Love the show.

Worth their weight in gold
by mattjones875 - July 27, 2013
I wish there was an Agcoauto in Louisville, Ky. I have learned so much from listening to this show and Louis has always been kind enough to answer my email questions. I tell people all the time about his show. Thanks

Great listening
by Patiently playing - July 19, 2013
I tend to listen to podcasts instead of the commercial filled radio anymore. I find myself taking the longer routes home so that i can enjoy the podcasts that have made it onto my list. Its a short list of maybe a dozen total, but the honesty presented in this podcast is EXACTLY what needs to become a virus throughout the rest of our culture. It is evident that the knowlege presented is learned over years of diligent work. Thank you to the entire AGCO team for this. Now, if you could just come to Maryland and breathe a bit of that honesty on some of the folks up here, my troubles would be over. I've always said that finding a good mechanic is like finding a good wife. I'm on my second wife, and she's a good one. still searching for the mechanic.

by Ago lover - July 16, 2013
I have never experienced such a knowledgable and helpful person as Louis. He is so friendly and has such an expert background in auto repair no one can compare. I only wished I lived close enough to him to go to his shop. His podcast is so good I cannot miss a one. I look forward to listening each week. Bill

by Gergsvtx - July 15, 2013
These guys are so friendly, kind, honest, and trustworthy. They know almost everything about everything automotive!

Garage Preacher
by Sapppy10 - July 05, 2013
I have been a weekend mechanic for 45 years- starting with my brothers rebuilding cars in our garage at the age of 8. Now I am a pastor of a church and have very little time to get greasy. However, I still love the DIY auto project and need some help keeping up with modern vehicles. This show offers good information from an honest couple of men. I don't need a show about beer, babes, or unethical automotive tricks. Thank you for getting advise out and supporting the honest mechanics of the world. BTW- I also moonlight as an Automotive Journalist and drive and review all new models so I can appreciate the complexities of newer cars and trucks. Your show keeps me informed about how these vehicles are doing after they leave the showroom. Great Show. Wish I lived closer to your show. Jim from Palmdale California

Best Podcast on ITUNES!!!
by KCKCKC1234 - June 30, 2013
Super Amazing! most informative educational entertaining just give it a listen if you find cars or the industry interesting

Big Help
by ARRow7 - June 30, 2013
So much helpful information in this podcast. All the topics are useful and they will even answer your email questions. Wonderful asset.

Best automotive knowledge show
by Ryan from yucaipa California - June 29, 2013
These fellas know their stuff. I was able to find a few very hard to find problems with their help on my jeep Cherokee and Toyota pickup. Their website also offers an incredible amount of knowledge. Agcoauto.com thanks guys!

The Best Auto Repair Podcast. HANDS DOWN.
by Drummer_Man_01 - June 29, 2013
As an automotive-repair-podcast-junkie, here's my take: - The Automotive Hour (and specifically Louis Atlazan and Brian Terry) make up the BEST automotive repair podcast on the radio or internet right now. HANDS DOWN. - My first impression was amusement at Louis' AWESOME Louisiana accent, but the more I listen, learn, and read his responses to questions on his website, the more I realize this is probably the most brilliant mechanic and businessman out there. - Click and clack type shows are not my thing. Too much joking around, not enough technical content. - Under the hood, Bobby Likus, and Ron Ananian are solid shows, too, but Louis has a leg up. Why? Well here goes: 1. The show is the perfect balance of technical information made accessible (not dumbed down but good enough for a mainstream audience) and entertainment. What's great is that Louis' friendly demeanor , hearty laugh, and passion for his trade come through loud and clear on the show. You can tell he's having a good time, and so will you. 2. Louis answers questions via email faster than ANYONE I've found. He makes apologies for not being able to answer long-distance calls for advice personally DURING HIS WORK HOURS, and for not getting back to you WHILE HE'S ON VACATION if that tells you something. That's dedication. What's even better is his advice is solid and extremely well reasoned and informed. 3. As a repair junkie, even I've learned a lot from listening to his show, including general maintenance advice like: fuel injector cleaners are almost never needed, transmission flushes are inferior to drain and fills, try to stick with the same oil brand to prevent oil consumption, and a big one: when it comes to parts replacement, newer is not necessarily better. Most of the time the OEM part is many times better than what you'll get new from the parts store, or possibly even new from the dealer. 4. Still not sure? Check out this guys' website for AGCO and it will tell you all you need to know. They don't use a flat rate! They charge in 10 minute increments. Who does that?? Wish I lived there (I'm in CA). The website goes into great detail about things like signage, garage floor coatings, business logo, landscaping of the business. It's this same attention to detail that I see in the vehicle information and question archive. Louis doesn't just present the info in a "because I said so" kind of way. He explains concepts in detail when necessary and reasons it out so you understand why he makes his recommendations.

Great show. Great information.
by TimDevMinnesota - June 27, 2013
I found this podcast last week, and now I can't stop listening to it. I've listened to 10 episodes in 2 days. It's not that I have a car problem at the moment; I don't. It's just that I'd like to keep it that way, and these guys provide a ton of useful information on cars, engines, etc. Just freaking amazing that people can know so much about so many different cars. From little problems to big problems, they answer in a friendly and informative. They take the time to educate listeners!

by Rougeray - June 24, 2013
Great show! I use and advise friends to review the web for questions or call in on Saturday. I also listen to the podcasts while driving. Great public service. Thanks

My Sat. Morn.
by CVHerb - June 22, 2013
Sat morning at 10 AM you will find me in my shop out back with a bottle of coffee. If not I down load the podcast & listen to it when I go fishing. My favorite show. Today 6/22/13 your show was very informative. AC info on my brothers truck was very helpful. Herb

2 Thumbs up! 👍👍
by Chandler0618 - June 22, 2013
Great show today! You guys are full of wisdom and knowledge!

Love listening!
by Popster13 - June 10, 2013
Love listening to the podcast here in southeast Michigan. Wish we had some shops like you around here! Looking forward to listening to more shows.

What a treasure!
by My Nickname is Steve - June 02, 2013
I am so happy I found this podcast. I've learned so much from it. I can hardly wait for each week's show to be posted. Keep up the great work!

Keep it up
by evdropkick - May 29, 2013
This podcast is awesome!

Awesome show
by Hahahalolgurl - May 05, 2013
Very informative site. Louis is very knowledgable and shares his valuable knowledge every week. I have downloaded all episodes and listen to them daily. His website is very good and provides detailed articles on many topics. 5 star plus

A Role Model for Business
by Esso Man - May 04, 2013
With it's great humor, priceless educational value, and frank opinions, The Automotive Hour is one of the best ways to spend an hour with a fresh pot of coffee on a Saturday morning. Louis and his team are a role model of business ethics for Baton Rouge and the automobile repair and service industry. So is the shop itself. If you have the misfortune of needing auto repair, and the good fortune to be a customer, I recommend waiting while the service is performed, usually in full view of the waiting room. Louis might, just might, have a few minutes to talk with you. Foxy, the resident royalty of puppydom, will shower you with affection even if you don't remember to bring a rawhide treat or dog biscuit as tribute. You can reminisce of 29.9 cents per gallon fuel, if you are old enough to believe it, near the wonderfully restored Esso fuel pump and peruse a few other displayed items, antique tools, and photographs from Louis and Miss Elaine's travels. Should nature call, you may visit a spotless restroom, where you are more likely to find W. Edward Deming's "Out of the Crisis" than old car magazines as available reading material. Thank you, Agco, for the good work you do. We are proud of you, and grateful too.

One of the best car shows
by mr500cm - April 28, 2013
Good old fashion sold advice, no bull!

Noticed only 5-star ratings
by Andy Colbert - April 27, 2013
There's a good reason, these guys are the best. Louis and Brian know their stuff. Found them by accident when I was looking for NPRs Car Talk. Now I've got a problem..... LOVE both! These guys have the right moral upbringing and treat people the way they would like to be treated. I had been listening to another guy but he was to long winded, too too many commercials and didn't seem to have the breadth and depth of knowledge as these guys. I have a little different background from many of you as being a previous partner in a GM franchise. I've NEVER written a review like this but these guys have educated me. Wish I lived closer for them to work on my vehicles!

Listening in seattle
by Casisto - April 17, 2013
These guys really know their stuff. and they like helping others.

The advice from this show will save me $$thousands$$ and increase the resale value of my vehicles.
by Bohdenn - April 13, 2013
The very specific and logical advice from this show has helped me to make better decisions about how I maintain vehicles and make purchasing decisions. It's impossible to know how much money, time, stress, and repair hassles I will save by following the straightforward best practices offered by Louis and Brian. There are so many simple and proactive things you can do to prevent very expensive automotive repairs down the road, and this show does a great job explaining them and why they are important. Thankfully, Bohden Houston,Tx

Best automotive podcast ever!!!!
by Kevin in Nyack - April 10, 2013
Love the show! Used to look forward to CarTalk, But as a new convert to podcasts, I'm listening every chance I can. Lots of information and these guys actually sound knowledgeable & honest, Unfortunately Baton Rouge is a little too far from NY for me to pop in for an oil change& a T-shirt. Alotta great info, & very entertaining..Louis, Keep up the good work! With Car Talk ending soon, you guys could pick up a million listeners!

Wow this guy is good
by Rucl - April 06, 2013
About 2 years ago I spent a lot of money on what I thought was bad O2sen. cuz the computer said it was bad or so I thought until I listened to Mr Altazan, then I realized that OUT OF RANGE does not mean BAD O2sen. I never would have known or understood this if I didn't find The Automotive Hour Podcast. The info you get from this show is priceless Thank you Louis

by robmetoyer - March 18, 2013
Hey. i discovered your show recently and i just love it. informative, intellegent, and fast. Hey, my parents are from natchitoches. know any metoyers? anyway, keep up the Great work!

Automotive Hour & Louis Rocks!!!
by kasler19 - March 17, 2013
I've called in twice with issues on my vehicles and Louis diagnosed the problem exactly perfect. Most of the information he shares on this program is not readily available to the backyard mechanic, because we don't have access to the years of hands on experience that he and his employees have. He is polite and goes out of his way to Email you his diagnosis if you don't want to talk "on air" Thanks again!!

by B_Little - March 08, 2013
I love listening to this show. Louis and Brian and incredibly car smart and a blast to listen to. I only wish there was an Agco garage out here in California!

by 4fifty44174828 - March 04, 2013
Lots of practical and honest help, dealing with auto issues that are relevant to the vehicles on American roadways. Engineers working for the big three should be required to listen in and take notes.

by Fishymn - March 03, 2013
Really like the show and all the info it provides, always look forward to a new show to listen to at work each week, Keep up the great work Louis and Brian!!

The Highlight of my Week
by jdrtina - February 23, 2013
The Automotive Hour is a terrific podcast. Louis and his team are knowledgeable, entertaining, and enlightening. I look forward to learning something new every week.

by Mark Harris - February 22, 2013
This is a great podcast. If you want to learn about cars, this is the podcast to listen to. You hear real world problems and their real world solutions. I've learned a lot from this podcast! Very entertaining.

by SJ Aka " Big Sal" - February 16, 2013
Great show

Great Show
by SpaceCruiserVan - January 31, 2013
I just discovered this show and became an instant fan. I enjoy the way that everything is explained in an easy to understand manner. This show offers alot of insight into how things are done in a mechanics shop. They discuss many interesting test and repair procedures that can give a listener a good idea of whether to tackle the job themselves or have a pro do it. Thanks for the awesome podcast, keep up the good work!

Informative and Entertaining
by Polo00007 - January 29, 2013
Louis and Brian are outstanding. These folks know their stuff. The hour just passes too quickly. Who knew car repair could be so entertaining ...

Great Show
by PCGoon - January 24, 2013
Enjoy listening to your podcasts on the way to work everyday. Very knowledgeable, straightforward and honest approach to auto repair.

Outstanding auto repair podcast
by srstark2 - January 21, 2013
Very informative and personally useful to me as an auto DIY guy. The web page is loaded with great reference material too.

learning podcast
by amish al - January 21, 2013
hey louis,and whats his name in the copilot seat,love your show ,you guys are very knowledgable,and so polite to the callers ,hey every time you say (well youve squandered another perfectly good hour)it makes me laugh cause it references another show i used to listen too.lol .......................ty a shrock

Auto hour
by Allen4444 - January 05, 2013
Unbelievable professionalism! Their concept on repairs and their approach to the industry is profound.

Great Info. and excellent website
by ajp84 - December 27, 2012
check out the site, invaluable resource for novice through master tech.

Useful, witty & totally worthwhile...EXCELLENT SHOW!
by oldskoolgg - December 17, 2012
This is a truly great find! Louis & Brian give insightful, amazingly thorough answers in a professional yet personal manner. This show illustrates how someone goes about providing top-notch service to the public by clearing up alot of the mystery around the vehicle service industry. These are not only the type of technicians you'd want to repair your car, they're the type you'd want working on your mother's as well. Never wasted time!

My favorite southerners
by Uncle Yooper in da U.P. - December 13, 2012
Youse Guys are great! Even 'doh it took us 'bout a cuppala days to uderstand youse cause you talk kinda funny but now I don't even notice it. Heck, it's easier to uderstand youse guys than talk'n to tech support. Your web page is pretty good too, eh? If eder of youse guys find your way up 'ere in the great white 'nort, stop in for a cold one, eh? I'll buy!

Great show. Great information.
by TimDevMinnesota - December 13, 2012
I found this podcast last week, and now I can't stop listening to it. I've listened to 10 episodes in 2 days. It's not that I have a car problem at the moment; I don't. It's just that I'd like to keep it that way, and these guys provide a ton of useful information on cars, engines, etc. Just freaking amazing that people can know so much about so many different cars. From little problems to big problems, they answer in a friendly and informative. They take the time to educate listeners! At first, I had a hard time understanding them, but now I don't even hear the accent.

Great Info
by mike t.v. - December 05, 2012
I'm currently enrolled in an auto tech class at my local community college and this podcast helps me in my studies. Furthermore, the hosts set an outstanding example for anyone aspiring to be a professional tech in any capacity. Would that there were more like them in the general trade.

by progator74 - November 29, 2012
Spending my mornings catching up o past shows. Very educational. One in a million...

Educational and Entertaining
by glrx - November 26, 2012
As a long-time "back yard" mechanic, I highly value this podcast for how much it has improved my abilities. I really enjoy listening and learning from Louis and Brian. They are a breath of very fresh air in the automotive industry. It doesn't matter if you do your own work, or bring your vehicle to a professional, you should treat yourself to the wealth of knowledge that exists here. Knowledge is power, and that's what you'll get from Louis and Brian. You'll have a lot of fun doing it too.

Great Show! Great Service!
by Aplant23 - November 15, 2012
I first heard about AGCO on the radio while on the road driving my 18 wheeler for a local company. The show was very informative and entertaining. I usually don't trust mechanics but listening to Louis and his co-host I decieded to trust them and give them a try when I needed some work done to my vehicle. They got it done right, done in a timely matter and at a way lower price than my local dealer. My vehicle is 8 years old and I took it on a rad trip of over 1,100 miles round trip and It did fine didnt give any problems ran like a charm after 8 years and AGCO Auto taking good care of my ride! Thanks Louis and Company for the Great job you all are doing in a very professional and excellent way. Thanks.

Excellent podcast!
by 1-cavediver - October 31, 2012
As a real automotive "gear head" who had worked on cars for over 40 years I can say this is an entertaining and informative podcast that I enjoy listening to every week.

Great show
by Mdbuilder2 - October 28, 2012
Look forward to the show every week!

Greatest Podcast on ITunes!!!!
by Wes 45 - October 22, 2012
Very informative and entertaining at the same time!!! Very lucky to be able to pull from the wealth of knowledge available on this show!!

Best Podcast!!
by wcamp3rd - October 18, 2012
This is the most informative unbiased show. I listen from ATL and can not wait each week for the next show. Only negative comment I have is that the show is not longer. I have learned so much from the show and website they have saved me thousands of $'s!

by oOovwguy - October 14, 2012
I want to thank louis and his partner for a truly top notch show,these guys are hero's for what they do. It's so refreshing to know that there are still honest mechanics that put customer safety at the top of their list. Im in NJ and i listen to the show every week on shhhh (stitcher) AGCO auto is now a regular part of my week. Thank u for an excellent show. 5 stars is not nearly enough !!

by BarryT63 - October 11, 2012
Great show.... I have learned more and saved a bunch of money

Ten Stars!
by Nortnarg - October 01, 2012
This is a ten star show. Louis and the crew know thier stuff. All you have to do is listen a few minutes and you will learn a lot. Man you guys gotta get a shop in Kansas City!!! We got it bad up here! By the way, Love that Cajun accent!

by Bbdad91 - October 01, 2012
Learn more one show than others combined

My Sat. Morn.
by CVHerb - September 21, 2012
Sat morning at 10 AM you will find me in my shop out back with a bottle of coffee. If not I down load the podcast & listen to it when I go fishing. My favorite show.

Soooo good
by scorpio0726 - September 17, 2012
I've been in automotive for 15 years and still learn so much from them

by Gsharky - September 13, 2012
By far, the most informative podcast out there. Their business philosophy is outstanding.

Some things never change
by Eddie MIles - September 04, 2012
I have to start out by saying that I used to work for Louis about, O'GOD it's been 28 years ago now. And I can honestly say that quiting Agco and Louis was one of the biggest mistakes I have ever made. It was a turning point in my automotive career which I never went back to. The misguided decisions we make when we'er young! I left on good terms and have run across Louis many times over the years. Louis's automotive philosophy and integrity is the same now as it was back then. I can say with complete honesty that the man you hear on the radio is no different then the man you would meet on the street. I found The Automotive Hour show about 6 months ago on iTunes and haven't missed a show. Keep up the good work Louis and everybody at Agco.

Good Advice
by twopersons - August 25, 2012
I listen to this podcast weekly as I drive to work. I find the information is helpful and like the philosophy Louis applies to automotive repair. I even emailed him once with a car question and he wrote me back within a couple of hours.

Listen and learn !!!
by Dieseldog11 - August 22, 2012
These guys are one of the best in the bizz.

Great unbiased information!
by Bijorn - August 11, 2012
Really appreciate these guys explaining the root-cause of so many automotive problems. Rather than just changing parts they advocate repairing the underlying problem and explain these problem in an easy to understand fashion. This pod cast is well worth your time if you are even somewhat interested in understanding your car or saving money!

This is my favorite podcast
by pat harris1953 - July 31, 2012
I came across this podcast by accident, when looking for something else. Glad I did, because now it is my favorite podcast. Today I went for an oil change, and they tried to sell me a transmission flush. I might have fallen for that before, but now I know better. Thanks Automotive Hour! This show is fun, full of great information and well worth listening to.

You got car questions? Louis has the answers!
by junebug1701 - July 29, 2012
Louis Altazan is the Yoda of car repair. It's almost impossible to stump him or Brian because they've seen it all. You will learn a lot about cars, car repair, and even automotive history by listening to this show. If you have a car problem, give these guys a call--they will give you honest straight talk and help. The only negative thing I can say about this show is Louis sometimes talks so fast my feeble brain can't keep up, but hey, that's what rewind is for! Keep up the good work guys, great podcast!

Great Program!
by Judrwick - July 21, 2012
Listen to this show and you will learn a lot. Whether you want to be a better mechanic or just an informed consumer this show will give you an education on servicing and repairing your automobile.

Super informative
by Couldntpickaname - July 07, 2012
I look forward to Saturday's with Louis and the gang at AgCo.

Service is Premier!
by jstrubb - June 06, 2012
I have always been impressed with AGCO Automotive since the first service they provided for us. My encounters with the dealer and other shops have not always been positive, but when I found Louis and his team, I knew I was in the right place. I podcast when I can’t listen to the program, because the information is always valuable.

by NottsoPLEASED! - June 02, 2012
…did I mention the BEST automotive show--informed, fair, honest, educated, practical knowledqe on/for repairs & simply qreat hour spent! NEVER MISS-0FTEN Podcast...Go!

Good stuff
by G-army23 - May 30, 2012
Listen all the time very good!!!!👍👍👍

The Best Automotive Podcast
by bob gudas - May 27, 2012
These guys really know their stuff and they are on the side of the comsumer. If you want an honest answer to your automotive problem or just want to know how auto stuff works, this is your podcast. And if you email Louis a question, he'll personally get back to you within 24 hours. Also, check out their website for answers to your automotive concerns. When I found this podcast, I downloaded 50 previous weeks and listened to every one of them. I highly anticipate each new show.

Great program
by babiesarmwithapple - May 26, 2012
From battery replacement to transmission overhauls these guys know their stuff,great place to do business.To bad there are not more shop like agco.

Who else does that?
by K_Hill - May 05, 2012
Everyone at AGCO Is first class. They don't guess, they analyze the issue and explain the issue that anyone can understand. They do first-class work. Give first class information on the AGCO Automotive hour and on their website! Who else does that? No one!

Hidden Treasure
by LWDJ - April 28, 2012
When I was a kid I was swimming underwater in Lake Bruin at a depth of about 10 feet when before my eyes lay a dollar bill on the lake floor. Finding the dollar bill was nice way back in 1968. When I was about about 35 years old I had a problem with a tire stud breaking off in the rim of my pick up truck. Someone told me to take it to AGCO. I did. They had a can-do attitude about the stud removal, removed the broken stud, charged within the range quoted and completed the job in the timeframe predicted. Finding the treasure of AGCO automotive was nice in 1989. Thereafter, my primary place of automotive repair has been AGCO. I find the conversations on the Automotive Hour to be very similar to a typical conversation I would have with Louis Altazan when bringing my vehicles to the shop. You will find that the Automotive Hour podcast contains technical expertise, understandable conversation, experience-based advice, and hosts who will just tell you the truth. I hope that you, too, will discover that finding the Automotive Hour is like finding a hidden treasure. WD, Denham Springs, LA.

by brevunit - April 17, 2012
great show,can learn alot from it ,wish their shop was in mass.

Love the show
by KatyJDC - April 15, 2012
You guys do a great job of explaining complex issues. Very informative and intertaining

My current favorite podcast
by Girl600_podcast - April 04, 2012
I just set my iTunes sync to make this the top show on my iPods and iPhones, so when I plug it into my car this will play instead of all the other podcasts I have with the word automotive in the title. I love trying to guess what's wrong with the caller's car before I hear the answer. I'm smarter after just one show. I was about to become like the fuel pump killer guy Eddie. Listen to that episode (March 3, 2012) to learn how not to go through fuel pumps like Eddie.

Great, unbiased, educational information
by Agajewski - April 02, 2012
I've been listening to this podcast for a few months now and am very surprised how much I've learned about automotive technology, maintenance, and automotive myths. This is a great show and deserves a 5 star rating.

Love the show
by Dave-Toyota1999Tacoma - March 25, 2012
Great show. Overall lowest cost....

by Shueman69 - February 06, 2012
Very knowledgeable I wish you guys were closer to Michigan! 👍

Great Guys in the Automotive Industry
by joshlopez1 - December 25, 2011
Louis and the guys from Agco Auto are great people. Louis helps you with any of your automotive needs without pressuring you to buy something. Louis and his team really love helping people keep their cars and trucks running at top performance. They are always helpful and respectiful to their callers and customers.

The AGCO Automotive Hour 2011
by driver30019 - November 17, 2011
Louis is the best! I have been know as a news junkie for many many years, since I've found Louis and the AGCO automotive hour I don't have time for news. The other night I emailed a questioned to Louis and it was late probably 11:00pm well I woke up the next morning about 5:30am and Louis had responed to my question already. I was blown away. I had emailed Louis a few more time that same day, it was almost like he was waiting for me to contact him because Louis responded almost immediately. These guys are the real deal! I'm a long time auto parts guy. You can be sure I will recommend your podcasts to all my co-workers and any customer that will listen. Thanks again for all your help and also the great information... Keep up the good work! Chuck

Thanks guys!
by trys to do it himself guy - November 12, 2011
I greatly appreciate the way Louis and his technicians speak to the listeners in a clear, "layperson friendly" way. He is both respectful and patient with his callers. Thanks for the great job you do!

Straight Shooter
by Flyingmudbug - October 22, 2011
Louis offers a "unique" approach to automotive repair. Unique in that most others including the stealer I mean dealer are just interested in taking as much of your money as possible. Louis is not afraid to help you save money. That's why no one touches my vehicles except Louis and myself. So if you want straight shooting ( no bull ) information listen to this podcast.

Great source of information
by Sandeep Chadha - October 15, 2011
Louis and his team are well informed and provide wonderful unbiased advice. I learn something new every week. The AGCOauto.com website is also a great resource for automotive repair tips.

Best information available
by Persesus - October 09, 2011
Louis, is great at writing his post to give you great info. Living in Fresno, CA he is able to offer his 40 years of automotive experiences. He always answer my emails the same day. I love listen to the podcast because they help to educate me.

Louis is like and automotive guru, with a Southern twang
by Uncle Mac Podcast - October 05, 2011
I really like this show its fun and full of good tips. I learn something every time I listen.

Great Show!
by mz - September 15, 2011
Great show, tons of useful information for any vehicle owner!