Replace or Keep Your Vehicle Calculator

This calculator will compare the cost of buying another vehicle and keeping your present paid for vehicle. Enter the price of "Another vehicle" and the present value of "Your Vehicle". (Default numbers for example only, please add your own figures)

Buy Another vehicle Keep Your present
Enter Price Of A Replacement Vehicle and The Current Value Of Your Present Vehicle
Percent Sales Tax On Purchase
Vehicle License Cost Per Year
Title, Mortgage and Registration Fees
Finance This Purchase ("y" or "n")
Down Payment Amount
Finance Annual Percentage Rate
Number Months Financed
Annual Insurance Cost
Miles Driven Per Year
Fuel Mileage Per Gallon
Fuel Price Per Gallon
Age Of Vehicle In Years
How Many Years Will You Keep The Vehicle
Repairs And Maintenance Cost Per Month
Calculated Results
Tax, License, and Registration Cost
Depreciation Cost
Finance Cost
Insurance Cost
Fuel Cost
Maintenance And Repair Cost
Total Vehicle Cost
Annual Vehicle Cost
Cost Per Mile
Summary Of Calculation