AGCO Automotive Tire Speed Calculator
Default entries are for example only and should be typed over
Example 265/70R17
265=Tire Width     70=Aspect Ratio     17=Rim Diameter
Enter Original Size Tire Enter Alternate Size Tire
Tire Width in (mm) Tire Width in (mm)
Aspect Ratio
Aspect Ratio
Rim Diameter in (inches) Rim Diameter in (inches)
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Calculated Comparison Results

Original Tire Alternate After Market Tire
Side Wall Height (inches) Side Wall Height (inches)
Tire Width (inches) Tire Width (inches)
Tire Diameter (inches) Tire Diameter (inches)
Tire+Wheel Radius (inches) Tire+Wheel Radius (inches)
Tire Circumference (inches) Tire Circumference (inches)
Tire Circumference (inches) % Difference
Revolutions per mile Revolutions per mile
Revolutions per kilometer Revolutions per kilometer
When actually driving (MPH) The speedometer will read (MPH)