AGCO Auto Quick Quiz

Answer all 12 questions correctly and win a free AGCO T-Shirt
(limit one and US only)

1) Why did AGCO switch from building their own tire pressure gauges, to the new gauges they now use?
a) They are cheaper than building our own
b) They are easier to use
c) They are less fragile and less difficult to build
d) They last longer than the gauges we built

2) HSS and HSLA are acronyms for?
a) Types of steel used in vehicle construction
b) The names of automotive trade associations
c) Terms describing alignment measurements
d) Additives used in engine coolants

3) Most vehicles built today?
a) Have a seperate body and frame
b) Have frames that do not bend
c) Have uni-body construction
d) Have fiberglass and composite frames

4) Why does AGCO replace brake fluid BEFORE brake service?
a) To save time and make the job quicker
b) To save brake fluid
c) To remove debris from the system
d) To keep from forgetting to do it

5) The check-engine light indicates a problem with?
a) Radiator coolant being dirty or low
b) Routine maintenance is now due
c) Computer management system problem
d) The engine oil level is low

6) Engine diagnostic trouble codes (DTC) indicate?
a) Exactly what is wrong with the vehicle
b) A starting point for diagnosis
c) Which part needs replacing
d) Everything is okay in the engine

7) Checking the DOT number on your tires tells AGCO?
a) They are the correct size for the vehicle
b) The week and year the tire was manufactured
c) How much air should be in the tire
d) The proper speed-rating of the tire

8) Performing proper maintenance on your vehicle can?
a) Prevent breakdowns
b) Lower the overall cost of vehicle ownership
c) Make your vehicle last longer
d) All of the above

9) How many hours does a regular Auto Awareness class run?
a) One hour
b) Two hours
c) Four hours
d) Six hours

10) What color are the floors in the AGCO service area?
a) Light gray
b) White
c) Tan

11) What time does the Automotive Hour radio program air?
a) Saturday, 10AM
b) Saturday, 8AM
c) Sunday, 4PM

12) What year was AGCO founded?
a) 1974
b) 1976
c) 1979
d) 1981