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Michelin Tire Gallery
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Hydro Edge

Hydro Edge

Michelin's Premier Passenger Tire. Michelin® HydroEdge® tires offer an outstanding 90,000-mile warranty, modern aesthetics, and better wet braking than the competition.2

Features and Benefits
Lasts Up To 33,000 Miles Longer Versus the Competition3
MaxTouch Construction™, features a unique contact patch shape that evenly distributes the forces of acceleration, braking, and cornering.

The Most Fuel-Efficient Tire in the Category4
EnergySaver Construction™ helps deliver excellent fuel efficiency by requiring less effort from your engine.

Better Braking — Up To 14 Feet Shorter Than the Competition
A silca-based compound and wide center-groove design create a sure-grip tread, helping HydroEdge® tires stop up to 14 feet shorter in wet weather conditions versus the competition.3

1Category defined as premium priced S&T Passenger products.
2See warranty book for details. Compared to Goodyear® Assurance® product line.
3Compared to Goodyear® Assurance® product line.
4Category defined as premium priced S&T passenger products.
5Good on the purchase of one or more Michelin® HydroEdge® tires.


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